Tuesday, May 1, 2018

April 30, 2018

Hey mom ! It's good to hear you had a good week.  My week went pretty good as well !
 We started out Monday just hanging around and went to the Indian rez and played 
volleyball and that's always a lot of fun and then Tuesday we went to Fernly for meetings 
then came back and went to the rez and helped out at the food pantry and then afterwords
 we went to our investigators house for the rest of the day.  He was the best investigator
 I've had my entire mission and he and his wife moved to Yellowstone but he said he wants
 to take me and the family to dinner in Jackson this summer so I'll look forward to that. 
 We helped him pack up his truck and storage unit and then he fed us dinner and after 
that we started a camp fire at his place and sat around and talked for a while.  It was tough
 to see him go ! We've had a lot of spiritual experiences with him and he wants to join the
 church there's just a few things that he questions but he will join later down the road I know
 he will.  Wednesday was fun, we went to Carson city for zone conference and that took all
 day from 8 to 4:30 then we went to Dickeys BBQ and got that to go and we traveled down
 through Gardnerville and that's a real pretty area ! I really wanted to serve there but never
 did and then we went to a cool lake that's on the border of California and its called Topaz
 Lake and we ate our dinner there and it was fun.  Thursday we went and taught a few lessons
 and so on.  Friday we went to Smith Valley and helped some members move their  heavy
 furniture around their house. They are getting ready to sell there place and there moving to
 Idaho Falls so they can be close to a temple ! He joined the church 5 years ago and loves
 going to the temple.  Saturday we ended up just biking around and talking to people all
 day.  Sunday we went to church and then biked around and had dinner then my companion
 ran into a mail box and busted his knuckle pretty good.  That was
 my week ! The most challenging situation is just trying to find more people to teach and
 stay busy.  The best experience was zone conference because we were in Carson then went
 to the lake.  I learned that this mission has taught me a lot of humility and surrender.  
Thanks for all you do and have a great week ! love you mom !

Elder Johnson

April 23, 2018

Hey mom ! This week was really good.  We were able to do a lot of service and help
 out the people of Yerington! Monday we ended up going to volley ball in Schurz and
 playing with the Indians it's a lot of fun and they are awesome people.  Tuesday we went
 to the other rez and did service for the food pantry and helped pass out food and 
set up and there good people as well.  Wednesday we went to the food pantry in town
 and helped pass out food there and it was fun.  There's over 100 people that come
 every week so it keeps us really busy and it's a good way to talk to people.  Friday 
we ended up going back to the rez and did more service for the people and they 
had more food and boxes to move and so we did that and also went to the library 
and did service there.  Sunday went really good we went to church and talked about 
being kind to others and then we went and taught our investigator after church and
 headed out to Smith Valley and had dinner at the senators house ! It's always fun going
 out there.  Anyways that's about it but I'm grateful for all that you do mom and I 
hope you have a good week ! love you mom ! 
Elder Johnson

April 16, 2018

April 9, 2018

Hey mom ! Sounds like you had a good week !  This week was good we did a lot of traveling but were able to still do a lot of work. We started out Monday going with an investigator here and he took us for a ride in his jeep and we visited old mining towns and that was fun and had lunch with him.   Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday we went to Fernly for meetings and exchanges and taught a couple of our investigators and one of them is getting baptized this Saturday.  Saturday was really fun because we went to Fallon for one of our members daughters baptism and she's half Tongan and they had a big feast afterwords and they had some Tongan culture dancing and stuff (we weren't dancing we just ate food and watched).  My companion is doing awesome he really likes it here in Yerington and likes the people and we get a long good.  I think we will stay another one.  We saw our mission president on Tuesday because we had interviews and I have one more interview with him and then I'll be home and he's excited to go home as well.  He has been out 3 years.  I don't think I'll need anything else I'll probably be sending stuff home.  Anyways I hope you have a good week and enjoy Utah and having Brooke home ! love you mom ! 

Elder Johnson  

April 2, 2018

Hey mom ! I don't know if you've sent an email yet or not but how did you like conference ? There's been a lot of changes made to the church but I think it's good.  We got our phones this week and they've been pretty handy.  The maps have been really helpful and showing us where everybody lives and address are correct and stuff. So we spent all day Tuesday doing that and then Wednesday we had more meetings and in Fernly and then Saturday and Sunday was conference so we didn't have too much time this week to proselyte.  The nice thing about the phones is they have good cameras and it's easy to take pictures so I will send a few. What was your favorite talk from conference ? There was a lot of good ones that were given.  I really like the one by Dieter F. Uchtdorf about "Behold the Man."  I know that one day everyone will kneel before the Savior and be judged on how they were in this life and that gives me motivation to become better.  Anyways I'm grateful for all that you do mom and I hope you have a great week ! love you mom !

Elder Johnson

Monday, March 26, 2018

March 26, 2018

Monday, February 26, 2018

February 26, 2018

Hey mom ! This week was good it went by really fast the days are long but the weeks are short.  I was able to go out to the Indian rez and that was wild.  We got chased by so many dogs and they're not friendly dogs either.  They are pitbull/mut dogs and so I had a big beating stick I'd carry with me and there was one I was close to hitting and the reason is there's a 5 ft fence that it jumped out of and started coming but we made it OK.  We were able to visit a few families and get return appointments with them. Then on Thursday we went to Reno to a dermatology appointment because my companion has something growing on the back of his neck and so we were at the appointment and it went good but then as we were leaving Reno on the road home there was a 15 car pile up.   Traffic was backed up over 4 miles double sided and luckily we were right next to an off ramp and so we took it and found this back road along the river and we followed it and we thought we got around all the traffic but then when we tried to get back on the accident happened right where we were trying to get on.  The cop said it'll be about 4 hour wait and so we decided to go to Carson City and around but then halfway there the roads were so so slick probably the worst I've ever been on and there was another 10 car pile up.  Luckily on the other side but we were back up because of ambulances and there were cars on our side sliding all over and people hitting each other and I was able to make it through OK.  We made it home late that night but it was an interesting day.  I'm grateful that I had a couple years experience of driving on bad roads !   For meals we eat at members homes every night and that's why I've gained weight because there are some awesome cooks here in Nevada and they make a lot of food and so I feel bad if we don't eat a lot.  But normally for lunch I eat some fruit and breakfast I'll make eggs, nothing to special. My comp doesn't know how to cook haha I show him how to ! We like to make these things called tostones which is like a french fry but way better my last companion taught me how.  Last night we went to a church sing along with a bunch of other churches and it was pretty fun.  We had a return missionary give his talk yesterday and it was good he talked a lot about family history.  Other than that that was my week ! Today we are headed to Fallon to see the zone and have a BBQ so that'll be fun.  I'm grateful for the challenges Heavenly Father gives me to help me grow in the Gospel.  I have learned so many things being here and I know Jesus Christ lives and that He loves us all ! I hope you have a good week ! love you mom ! 

Elder Johnson