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April 10, 2017

Hey mom ! I'm on early because we have a busy day ahead of us but this week was really good ! We had a really cool experience and we found an investigator and set him with a baptismal date for the 22nd of this month ! It was awesome how it all worked out. So Me and my companion were getting ready to go out the door and he's like "lets go biking" and I was like "nah Elder, I biked for 6 months and I don't want to" and then he kept saying lets go, so I went ahead and we went biking.  There's a big hill in front of our house that's on the highway and we biked up it and it was tough but then going down on the back side was really fun. We then started tracting through a trailer park and no one was answering their doors for us and so we went back to the bikes and my two favorite members were at this property place and so we walked over and started talking with them for a bit and he asked us if we wanted to go to the Polka Dot, which is a hamburger shack with shakes and stuff, so we said yeah sure and when we got there we were standing in line and there was this kid I met when I first got here to this area.  I hadn't seen him since but I went up to him and I started talking to him and I invited him to come play basketball with us at the church (we go to the church every morning and play basketball) and he said he would and then we went our separate ways. That next morning he actually showed up for basketball and we played a few games of 21 and then afterwords my companion said would you like to take the lessons from us and he said sure whats the first one.  We taught the first discussion in our gym clothes and the spirit was so strong ! We testified of the Book of Mormon and he's like "do you guys have one laying around I can have" and we gave him one and then I asked him if he wanted to see the baptismal font and we showed him it and we told him that Jesus Christ was baptized and wants us to follow his example and he said
 "So when can I get baptized !" and we said how about the 22nd of this month and he was super pumped ! It was a great miracle this week and it's awesome how everything happens for a reason.  Because the member that took us to the Polka Dot said he had a feeling to go to the property place in east Quincy (that's where we were at) and within half a day we have a new investigator and he's getting baptized ! The Lord truly has a plan and everything works out how it should ! Whether they are led to us or we are led to them but that just goes back to the talk at conference where he said always listen to the promptings of the spirit.   Because that member did we're going to have a baptism so its way awesome ! and then we went to Portola and had a fun bible study but it also snowed on us here ! Portola got 10 inches of snow and we got two inches but it all melted away.  The weather is just like back home.  I love it here in California !  We are going to Reno tonight and all day tomorrow because the Mission president over all the missions in the world is coming to our mission tomorrow so we're going to be doing that. So I'm pumped for the Costa Vida haha and I'm feeling really good ! I've been working out in the mornings so that's been helping my lungs and I'm trying to lose some weight because I've gained about 15 pounds so far and it's showing haha but my companion is so awesome ! He's the best one I've had yet and we get along really well and work super hard together and we're definitely hanging out after the mission. But other than that it's been a good week and last Monday me and my companion found some gold ! A member helped us with some gold panning and we found a few good sized flakes so it was fun.  Today we are just helping out with the primary party and going to Reno so nothing to special.  The weather is kinda cloudy and cold but it's all good.  Anyways it sounds like your doing really well and I'm doing good here and I'm grateful to be out here on the mission ! Best decision of my life and I'm living everyday to the best I can and serving the people and building my testimony of the Book of Mormon and the Savior ! Love you mom and have a good week ! 

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