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Hey mom !  Sounds like everything is going really well back at home ! This last week
 was a lot of fun ! Wednesday I got to go out to Sparks for a few days because my 
comp was coming in from the east side and I had so much fun ! Elder Jensen and 
Elder Weglin are a lot of fun and we had a lot of success and found like 10 new 
investigators ! Their apartment was really cool and it's called the loft and it looks 
out all over Reno.  My new companion is so cool ! He's from Florida and he's super
 chill ! We're going to have a lot of success this transfer and I'm excited for it ! I get to 
go to the temple tomorrow !! It's always fun going to the temple with my zone ! 
 I don't think I need anything ! I'm just enjoying the mission life and having a lot of
 fun and serving the Lord ! Have a good week ! I love you mom 

Elder Johnson

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September 12, 2016

Hey mom ! that's awesome you went to Jenny Lake and school and work is going good. When is the temple going to be dedicated ? and that's awesome they had them sing to the temple and all that ! and that photo I had a family from the ward send and they're super amazing ! they treat us missionaries really well and make us feel welcomed.  It's good to hear that grandpa is doing good as well !

I can't believe its been 6 years since that crazy 8th grade year.  I reflect on that quite a bit because grandpa lost the love of his life and didn't know what to think until the missionaries shared him the gospel and how the gospel has changed his life for the better ! It's a comforting feeling knowing that I'll see Grandpa Johnson, Grandma and Blake again some day and that they are in a spirit paradise ! Alma 40 talks about it. It's been cooling off here but it's still in the 70s and 80s. This week went extremely well ! I was just so focused on the work and didn't think about myself for one minute ! I know that the gospel is true and that the Book of Mormon is true ! I found 5 new investigators and already committed one of them to baptism ! I love being in the mission and it's an adventure everyday ! I hope you have a good week !

Elder Johnson

crusin in a convertiable

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Hey mom sounds like it's going really good at the house !  I went to the temple this week and it was really amazing ! also I had rabbit for dinner on Thursday and I have a picture of the rabbit before I ate it but I got on the computer late so I don't have much time to talk ! The memebers are really amazing and I've been learning a little bit of sign language because there is a deaf member who just got baptized and we've been teaching her.  I can't believe they took off to Mexico... and my MTC comp his parents bought me two sets of shoes ! That's what my comp now says but somehow I got two shoes in the mail today so that was a blessing ! I figured it was from Jake but idk.  I hope you have a good week and good luck with your new job !
 My hands are black because my bike chain broke so I had to fix it !


Elder Jared Johnson

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August 8, 2016

Hey mom this week has been pretty good ! The people here are just really crazy and really rude but it's nice to find people that are willing to listen to us.  The bike riding is going good ! It's really helping my cardio and I breath really good down here.  Besides all the smoke but it's really good.  I bought the bike when I got to the mission office for $150 so it work out good  and my backpack is really great ! My comp doesn't like it but the only thing we carry is 2 BOMs and that's it so it's not a big deal.   It's cooled down from the 100s to 90s so its alright.  I'll be in Truckee River for 6 months is my guess which is kind of rough to hear but I'll most likely will be a trainer at the end of this transfer but we'll see how it goes.  That's crazy that dad's doing a backsplash so you'll definitly will have to send me pictures !  We met a guy this week named Brad and he's about 50 ish and he races dirt bikes. and he was outside working on his brand new Yamaha 450 and I went over and started a conversation with him and it went really well ! I taught him the restoration and he really felt the spirit !  He's way interested and I'm praying for him.  None of the people here keep their commitments so it's nice to have one person keep them.  You should send me a package though ! My new favorite cookie is the snicker doodle with a rolo in the center... you should send me some and a few cans of pepsi ! My comp is strict about food and it's frustrating because I need the energy so I can bike everywhere but it's all good.  I'll try and send pics but the computers here are a piece of junk so it might be a while before I get those but I'll do my best ! Have a good week and send me pics of the kitchen and stuff !

 We eat breakfast and lunch at the house and for dinner we usually eat with the members ! and send me all kinds of food.  and we ride with the zone leaders to Walmart on Mondays.


Elder Jared Johnson

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

August 1, 2016

Hey mom I'm just out here in Reno and it's been HOT ! I've been assigned to serve in the Truckee River area and I've been assigned to a biking area.  We don't have a car so we bike everywhere and our church is like 3 miles away. I rode about 60 miles this week so far and it's been 104 outside.  I've learned a lot lately and the people of Reno are just flat out insane.  I'm in the ghettos by the way.  This one lady thinks the government is after her and it's kind of sad to see all the people here just miserable.  It's straight up sin city.  It's like Vegas but almost worst ! Everybody here drinks and smokes.  They just don't understand life ! Well I could tell you more but there's just so much stuff to tell about and I can't type it all but I know the church is true and that Heavenly Father is watching over me and that satan is real and he's doing everything he can to get in my way. I've witnessed it just the other day but I hope everyone is doing ok back at home !


Elder Jared Johnson