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March 27, 2017

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March 20, 2017

Hey mom ! It's been a good week up here in California the weather has been nice and we've 
been out biking a lot, even though I was tired of it back in Reno it's nice to take them out every 
once in a while ! We went to Reno on Wednesday and we stayed the night in Sparks and had
 zone conference and it was probably the best one I've been to yet ! I learned a lot and it was
 cool to be with other missionaries and hear some of their stories.  We went to Costa Vita 
afterwords because there's no restaurants up here in Cali. We then drove back and we went 
to Greenville the next day and I set a guy with a baptismal date and we found two new investigators 
to start teaching ! The members up here are taking really good care of us because we show that
 we actually care about them and want to help them so they've been nice to us and helping us.
 It was a harder week than others though because a lot of people here do all their searching for
 answers on the internet and when we ask people to read and pray about the Book of Mormon
 they go online and look it up and find anti stuff and then they don't want to talk to us anymore
 but oh well ! When the situation isn't going good and they want to argue, I just bear my testimony
 and leave because that's about all we can do ! Other than that the work is going good and me
 and my companion are doing great and are finding those people to teach ! Have a good week !

 love you mom 

ELder Johnson

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