Monday, August 7, 2017

July 24, 2017

Hey mom ! So I heard about the news and that's really sad but I hear stuff like this all day long and God has a plan.  This week was really crazy for us, we went hiking out in the Ruby Mountains and it was awesome ! On Tuesday we went to go help a less active guy do some tile work but when we got out to his place there was a big fire in his back field and so I grabbed a shovel and fought a crazy field fire for about two hours and stopped a hundred yard section and there were two helicopters dropping water and fire trucks and it was crazy ! I wrecked my hands pretty good and got them all blistered up but me and my companion saved two houses from burning down so that was my Tuesday afternoon.  We think a kid was playing with fireworks and got out of hand and it took off but we were the 4th people on the scene and it was already big by then ! The rest of the week went good we saw a lot of miracles and found a couple of new investigators we're going to start teaching and it's been a hot one this week ! Anyways thanks for all you do mom and have a great week ! love you mom !

Elder Johnson

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